Love Island: The boys finally give us the bromances we've been missing

From week one the Love Island girls became each other’s besties almost straight away, while the guys took a bit more time to warm up to each other. We’re now over 40 episodes in and it’s bromance central on the Island of Love: From Wes and Josh’s brotherly bants, to the boys regular self-named DBS meetings (The Do Bits Society), here are five gifs of the most heartwarming and hilarious moments between the guys: 1. Drama crew The best improv play we’ve probably seen GCSE drama. Jack Josh and

Is leaving a legacy behind more than just money?

Many parents and general working adults may share this sentiment and it would be realistic of them to. Ensuring that a will is made, health insurance is available and that the children and grandchildren are trained up to run the family business effectively are all essential to leaving a legacy behind.  However is this all we should strive to leave behind? American business magazine published an article this week titled, ‘Top earning dead celebrities 2016’ and Premier Gospel decided t

Black Christians are leaving the Church. Here's why

Last October I decided to get my DNA tested. I was intrigued to find out about the origins of my heritage and where my genealogy traced back to. Being a black Caribbean, I already knew that my DNA would trace back to Africa, but I wanted to know where in Africa, because all my life I’ve always been told how Somalian, Eritrean or Kenyan I looked. For black Caribbeans, this quest for identity is important, because our ancestors were Africans who were enslaved and taken from their homes. So unlik

‘Sis, colouring your natural hair won’t kill you’

What does Kelis, Chrisette Michele and Viola Davis all have in common? They took the brave step of colouring their natural hair and haven’t looked back since. 2017 has seen a plethora of naturalistas taking dyed natural hair to the next level. Curls and kinks with hues and ombres of blues, purples and reds have unapologetically graced the pages of hair magazines and vlogs, showing us that natural hair can be dyed, fly and taken care of- all at the same time. I’d like to share my qualms about c

Why the Church needs to stop treating divorce like the elephant in the room

No one enters a marriage expecting it to end in divorce. But the latest statistics on family breakdown make for grim reading. A child born today has only a 50 per cent chance of living with both birth parents by the age of 16. And while the number of divorces has dropped in recent years, more than 100,000 couples still split every year. Nor is divorce just a problem outside of the Church. Although some studies suggest that church-going couples are more likely to stay together, divorce among Chri

Cocoa Review: Bitches by Bola Agbaje | The Cocoa Diaries

Your vlogger bestfriend could be a Bitch. Watching the stage of Bitches by  Bola Agbaje at the Finborough Theatre, a teenage bedroom presented itself as the central location. Flamingo lights adorned the mirror, the bed was dressed with an animated Simpsons duvet and a camera fixed on a tripod was placed on the carpet ready for use.  It all looked very innocent and akin to many a teenage room… then the music started. Drake, Krepta and Konan along with  trap rappers of 2016 blasted through the sp

4 things you wouldn’t have dared to do in church 20 years ago...but are now acceptable

Most of us have sat for what feels like forever on an uncomfortable chair in church and thought, “I wish these seats weren’t so hard!” Parishioners at Holy Trinity Church in Long Itchington voiced their discomfort and requested padded seats for the church. But instead of getting the thumbs up, they were told by the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Coventry that padded seats were "overly casual" and "incompatible within a house of God". ( ) As soon as I was old enough to don a floral dress, f

Why I made a documentary about Christian divorcees

Imagine a purple unicorn walked up to you right now and started staring at you. You wouldn't be able to ignore it, but you might try to - especially if no one else around you noticed the mythical creature’s presence. In your mind, it’s probably not real and doesn’t actually exist, so you shake it off; secretly hoping that the thing would just go away. It's a strange analogy, but this is how divorce is sometimes treated in the Church. Whenever it comes into the room it’s ignored, misunderstood o

Identity and Christianity: Can the two coexist? Muyiwa says yes.

Over the past few years the meaning of identity has been a massive point of discussion in the news. From gender and identity, to heritage and culture, we’ve had front row seats to some very public declarations by those in the public eye. Namely, former Cosby Show actress Raven Symone stating that she wasn’t African American and Clueless star Stacey Dash in her numerous racially controversial outbursts towards her fellow African American acquaintances. Stories like these have challenged people’s

9 Relationship Red Flags You Should Take Note of

If you’ve noticed that your potential significant other has a short fuse and usually reacts badly to the smallest mishap or situation, this could be revealing a deep seated issue with anger or unforgiveness which hasn’t been dealt with. How they respond to any given situation is telling to how they will most likely respond to you. A condescending attitude towards others isn’t a good sign and shows a lack of respect for people. He or she might be watching their Ps and Qs with you but, how they t

Children's TV: Animated Anarchy?

Winning the 2005 BAFTA Children’s Award for ‘Best Pre-school Animation’ and the Cristal Award for ‘Best TV Production’, popular kids cartoon Peppa Pig follows the main character Peppa on her daily adventures as she interacts with her family and friends. Being a pre-schoolers cartoon that targets under fives, I was surprised to see a short clip of the show pop up on my Facebook timeline and the endless number of comments beneath the video from adults who were conveying their disbelief at the cont

4 Annoying Things Curly Girls Encounter

The moment I decided to do the big chop and sport a teeny weeny afro, the similes came rolling in. I was told that my afro looked like a microphone, felt like cotton and that I looked like “Whoopi Goldberge….from the colour purple” (by a former colleague who spoke faster than she thought) to which my response was, “That’s really offensive, what do you mean I look like Whoopi Goldberge from the colour purple?” So you’re saying I look beat down and hard done by? OK…Thanks?
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